Stages of development design project

  • 1
    Identification of customer needs and preparation of technical specifications
  • 2
    Measurement and study
    of the object
  • 3
    Creating a planning
  • 4
    Selection of furniture and decoration materials
  • 5
    3D visualization
  • 6
    Working Drawings and Specifications

What will you get?

We have more than fifty housing projects, facades of private houses and public places.

We work on projects from scratch to implementation. Below we briefly described the composition of the project that you will receive when working with our studio. There are two options for the design of residential facilities: the basic project and the full. We work on public institutions only with full implementation support.

We are always happy to meet, just to get to know each other and tell in detail about our work using examples, as well as answer all your questions.

  • up to 40m2 1600$ per project
  • up to 150m2 40$ for 1 m2
  • from 150m2 30$ for 1m2

Measurement plan

  • Dismantling plan
  • Installation plan
  • Redevelopment Plan
  • Furniture plan
  • Layout plan for electrical outlets and conclusions
  • Lighting scheme
  • Scheme of binding lighting devices to switches
  • Ceiling plan
  • Floor plan
  • Floor heating scheme
  • Plumbing equipment plan
  • Door specification
  • Counting paint coatings
  • Wall reamers with furniture, electrics and tiles
  • 3D visualization of all but utility rooms
  • Specification of tiles, lighting
  • Specification of key interior items
  • Departure to stores for the selection of complex cladding materials in the project

In 50 working days you receive a complete project (visualizations, drawings, list of materials and furniture) and you can proceed to implementation.

Example of drawings for our projects

Example of specification of interior filling

  • до 40м2 800€ за проєкт
  • від 41м2 20€ за 1м2 за проєкт
Technical project

If for some reason you don’t need design development, you can be interested in this service. The technical design includes basic drawings for builders. The project includes:

  • Measurement plan
  • Dismantling plan
  • Installation plan
  • Redevelopment plan
  • Furniture layout plan
  • Outlet and outlet plan
  • Lighting plan
  • Circuit breakers and connections plan
  • Floor heating plan
  • Plumbing plan
  • Unfold kitchen
  • Development of a bathroom with the placement of plumbing fixtures and tile layout
  • Recommendations for the selection of key elements of plumbing, lighting

* This project is not a design project it includes only technical drawings – the basis of the repair and the main instructions for builders.


Example of a technical project

  • Price depends on the type, area, complexity and distance of the object .
  • Ціна залежить від виду, площі, складності та віддаленості об'єкта.
  • Measurement plan
  • Dismantling plan
  • Installation plan
  • Redevelopment plan
  • Furniture plan
  • Layout of electrical outlets and outlets
  • Lighting scheme
  • Scheme of linking lighting fixtures to switches
  • Ceiling plan
  • Floor plan
  • Underfloor heating scheme
  • Plumbing plan
  • Door specification
  • Counting paint coatings
  • Wall sweeps
  • 3d visualization of premises
  • Specification of all interior items
  • Departure to shops to select complex facing materials for the project

We work on public institutions only with full implementation support. Maintenance of the repair is the final and longest stage in the work on the project, when the designers control the compliance of the repair and construction work with the approved design project, saving you time and money.

Repair support includes:

  • visit of the designer to the object as required
  • control of compliance of construction works with design
  • adaptation of the project after resizing
  • selection of finishing materials and equipment, furniture
  • consultations for manufacturers and repair and construction team
  • control of the supply of component parts to the object


  • Cottage facade design from 1500 $

* Price depends on volume and complexity

  • Departure to measure the object
  • Dimensional drawing
  • Drawing up technical specifications using analogs
  • Up to five conceptual designs in 3D
  • Development of realistic 3D visualizations of the approved version
  • Drawings of all necessary facades with the required dimensions
  • Calculation of all facing materials