Wine shop "Drink me", 37 m2

The “Drink Me” store offers its customers a whole world of alcoholic beverages, and we offer the best design solutions in our package. The store is located in a brick building , our task was to preserve the history and authenticity of this building as much as possible. In places where it was impossible to preserve the “native” brick, we faced the walls with real old bricks from Austria, which remained after the demolition of old buildings. The main concept of the brand is “Alice in Wonderland”, so all the drawings were developed by artists individually for our client, keeping the general style of the film. All elements and images are completely author’s, and in combination with the loft give features and magnetism.

Soon, the “Drink Me” store will be able to live a new life and delight its customers even more. We, as a team, are looking forward to the opening and wish for rapid development in the future. In the meantime, you can watch the implementation process on our Instagram.

Location: Kyiv

Area: 37 m2

Style: Loft