Projection of houses, interior
design, construction and repair

We are a full cycle studio: projection of houses from zero, developing of interior design, realization of projects


Our portfolio contains projects created by the designers of YUKO. You will find here both visualizations of projects and photographs of already implemented projects.

Look for interesting facts about each of the projects in the description.


YUKO is studio of high-quality interior solutions

Hello, my name is Yulia, I am the founder and ideological inspirer of the Yuko design studio.

 I am convinced that in our business, without higher architectural education and practical experience, it’s nowhere, that’s why every specialist in our team is in our own place.

We have more than 150 projects of interiors, private houses, offices, cafes, restaurants, beauty salons, shops and other public facilities. But our main goal is not quantity, but quality.

Therefore, we do everything to improve the service and the level of design and repair.